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Let me start by saying I was definitely skeptical. I expected to see no results but figured I’d give the DIY teeth whitening a try. I tried other DIY teeth whitening products in the past, such as strips, pastes and gels. I was never able to see a noticeable difference after using these products. After about a week or two with those products, the process became so frustrating that I usually gave up, wasting both my time and money.

The most important factor for me was to find a product that will be gentle enough for my HIGHLY sensitive teeth and gums.  I have teeth so sensitive that I use Rx strength sensitive toothpaste twice a day.

The photos below show the change in my teeth. When I see before and after photos for products, I always wonder if they’ve been altered or filtered in any way. I can assure you that my photos are originals (that explains the amateur quality!) and not altered to show greater results. Unfortunately, my DSLR wasn’t working for my after shot so I had to use the camera on my iPhone (however you can still see the noticeable difference).


Before Using Smile Brilliant

After 7 applications of Smile Brilliant

The Smile Brilliant Product


The Smile Brilliant package comes to you in a sturdy box containing the “Tray Creation Kit”. Included in the kit are:

  • 3 catalyst pastes

  • 3 base pastes

  • 2 impression trays

  • 3 syringes of desensitizing gel

  • 3 syringes of whitening gel

  • Instruction guides (tray creation, desensitizing gel usage, whitening gel usage)

  • Return card and postage-paid envelope 

If you are interesting in more information in Smile Brilliant's Vegan and Animal Free Cruelty ingredients please check it out here.


The Process in Details

To begin your teeth whitening experience you will first need to have your personal teeth whitening trays created. To do this, you create molds of your upper and lower teeth in the impression trays using the catalyst and base pastes. The trays and pastes look like this:


Each impression tray has a number marked on them that matches to the number on your return card. This number helps ensure that your trays are matched to your name. It’s a security measure to help ensure no mix-ups. Therefore, it is critical that you return both the trays and the cards together in the postage paid envelope.


You are provided with an extra set of catalyst and base pastes in case you make a mistake and need to mix another batch. (Confession I needed to use mine for my upper teeth because I didn’t press hard enough, in fear I would make a mistake [go figure] so this comes in handy)

If they aren’t needed, simply discard the extras after trays are successfully created.

Before beginning the Smile Brilliant whitening process, make sure you have read the instructions carefully. This includes the entire kit, instructions, paper towels, glass of water, and a method to time mixing pastes and creating impressions. I used the timer on my cell phone and had help from my husband to set and monitor the time. There are specific time limits for the steps in creating the impressions so being organized and prepared is important.


Impression Tray Creation

Step 1: Brush and Floss Before making your impressions, make sure your teeth are clean. This will help make the best impression of your own teeth for your whitening trays. Brush and floss immediately before beginning the process.

Step 2: Prepare Impression Material Wash and dry hands thoroughly before beginning. Work with only one set of pastes and trays at a time. Don’t attempt to mix them all together or make impressions of both upper and lower teeth at the same time. Timing and accuracy is critical.

Remove one of each of the catalyst (white) and base (blue) pastes from their containers. Begin to mix the two pastes together by folding and squeezing the pastes together. Continue folding and squeezing for exactly 1 minute. When you have completely mixed the white and blue pastes together the result will be a uniformly blue color.

Step 3: Placing Putty Mixture in Impression Trays After exactly 1 minute of folding, press putty mixture into plastic impression tray. Spread it quickly and evenly throughout the tray. This should take no longer than 45 seconds. As soon as the putty is spread properly in the tray, immediately go to Step 4. 

Step 4: Make Impressions of Teeth This is the most important step to follow to make sure you have accurate impressions of your teeth. Follow all tips exactly:

  • Do top tray first.

  • Looking at the tray, visualize a line running down the middle. That is where your teeth need to “bite”.

  • Hold the impression tray with both hands. Place fingers along all points of the bottom of the tray.

  • Open mouth widely.

  • With fingertips, press trays evenly and firmly upward into your teeth. It will feel squishy and have a slightly minty taste. You may have excess saliva.

  • Press the trays into the teeth surface enough that the paste will overlap onto the gum line in the front and rear.

  • Massage the overflow paste into gums. Do not wipe away or remove.

  • Allow trays to remain on teeth for exactly 2 minutes to harden.

  • Don’t bite the impressions/trays.

  • Don’t wiggle the trays around.

  • Don’t remove early. Trays needs to stay on teeth for exactly 2 minutes.

Step 5: Check Impression Quality and Repeat with Lower Teeth

When you remove the tray from your mouth, the putty should be somewhat hardened. You should be able to clearly see the individual impressions of your teeth in the putty. If the individual teeth impressions are not clear, pull the hardened putty from the tray and repeat using the extra set of pastes. Do not remove final putty impressions from the trays unless you are redoing to correct an error! Trays with final putty impressions are mailed intact.

Allow impressions to sit for another 10 minutes to finish hardening. Rinse with cool water. Repeat steps 2-5 with the second set of pastes and take impression of lower teeth.

Step 6: Mailing Impressions and Receiving Whitening Trays

Place both upper and lower impression trays in the Smile Brilliant postage paid envelope. Sign and date the consent card. Make a copy (so you have your tray number). Place card in return envelope with trays. If you fail to return the card it will delay your processing. Finally, remember to write your return address on the envelope in case of problems with postal service. I failed to do this and my impressions were lost in the mail and had to be redone.

Trays take approximately 3-4 business days to arrive at processing center. The personalized whitening trays are shipped back to you typically within 5 days of arrival at the company.

If there is an exceptional delay, call 855-944-8361 or e-mail to Be prepared to give them your product number and name.

After processing, your personal, clear whitening trays will come in the mail enclosed in a case for protection and future storage. You are ready to begin your whitening treatments!


Teeth Whitening Process

Once your whitening trays arrive you’ll be excited to begin. But, slow down! For the first treatment, make sure you allow yourself the time to learn the steps and know what the experience involves.

Take a few minutes and read the enclosed information for desensitizing and whitening. In addition to the directions, be sure to read the product disclosure information that includes storage and cautions for the products.

When you are ready, make sure you have all materials ready. Because you may have extra saliva and overflow of gels, you may want to have a towel or paper towel nearby.

Your kit comes with tubes of desensitizing gel and whitening gel. If you have sensitive teeth, the desensitizing gel can help prevent pain and tenderness associated with the whitening treatment. You may or may not need to use this gel. It does not impact the actual whitening process.

Prepare for Whitening Before beginning your whitening treatment brush your teeth thoroughly. Have a paper towel ready to wipe away any excess gel that may ooze from the trays onto your gums. Be prepared for excess saliva, I kept a plastic cup with me and would spit when my mouth became too full.  Once the gel comes in contact with your teeth and gums, you may feel some sensitivity.

For me I felt pain in my nerves of my teeth.  If you have sensitive teeth you know that pain when you drink so cold/hot and it hits that one spot?  Well it felt like that on multiple teeth.  This lasted up to 48 hours per session.  So I recommend the more sensitive your teeth are that you give yourself more time between applications.  I would do mine once a week.  Which if I wasn’t doing a review I might have even pushed it to once every two weeks.

If you have sensitive teeth, using the desensitizing gel that is provided does help.  I used mine consistently after I finished whitening (Be aware that you cannot eat or drink anything for a few hours after application).  I also used my Rx sensitive toothpaste which personally I think help me the most.

Applying Whitening Gel/Desensitizing Gel to Tray

Gently, but firmly and steadily, press the syringe so that a ribbon of clear gel is placed on the inside of the teeth tray. It should be approximately midpoint along the sides of the liner. The gel is applied along where the outer teeth surface would meet the tray. As a rule of thumb, there should be approximately a bead of gel on each tooth tray cavity.

Inserting Trays and Whitening Process

Once gel has been applied, the trays are ready to be inserted into the mouth and onto the teeth. Try to place the tray far enough into the mouth so that you are pressing it in a forward motion onto your teeth as opposed to dragging it down onto your teeth.

Some excess gel may ooze out of the tops of the trays along your gum line. Wipe away to lessen sensitivity. Repeat with other tray. Both trays may be worn at once.

The whitening process may be done by leaving the trays on the teeth for a period of between 20 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your tolerance and need for whitening.

When done, brush teeth with water and rinse if desired. (Please note that when you use the desensitizing gel do not rinse the remaining gel off)

Rinse and dry teeth trays before storing in case. Gels should be stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.


Final Thoughts

Having tried other over the counter whitening products, I was skeptical of the Smile Brilliant product’s effectiveness. However, I was pleasantly surprised. After the second treatment I started to see a real whitening difference. After 7 treatments, the whitening was obvious and I was very pleased. I am nothing but all smiles!


  • The tray creation process was not complicated and was actually interesting. The instructions that come in the tray creation kit are very informative and easy to follow.

  • The whitening process is simple and quick to get started.

  • Being able to put the whitening trays in and continue normal activities is a bonus.

  • Whitening results are much better and quicker than other over the counter whitening treatments.


  • For me it was pretty painful, from nerve pain in my teeth to chemical burns on my gum.  Chemical burns do go away and heal after sometime. (See below picture).


  • Time consuming, since Teeth Whitening is not a magical quick fix, it takes a few applications to really see results.  This is a very time consuming for me with my sensitivity problem.  What should have taken me about 2 weeks for results took me almost 2 months.

That being said, I would highly recommend this product for the results that I did get.  I would also highly recommend that you PACE yourself, you do know your body best.  Like I said I have EXTREMELY sensitive teeth and gums and I think I’d be more comfortable to apply every 2 weeks.  For more information on whitening your teeth with sensitivity please click here.

However, I have a friend that has also used this product and she doesn’t have sensitive teeth and was able to use this product every 3 days.  We both achieved great results it just took myself longer to achieved it.  So whatever your reason for wanting to have a brighter smile, I would recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone. With its ease of use, excellent customer service, and reasonable price, it’s definitely a teeth whitening product to try.

If you are like me and would like to see other testimonies on this product (I always read more then just one review especially with these types of products because everyone is different) check out here.

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