Fatherhood is Timeless - JORD Review & $100 Giveaway

Fatherhood, just like motherhood, is a huge deal. I don’t think fathers get enough credit. I know that there is Father’s Day but have you noticed that it's never as flashy as Mother’s Day? It also infuriates me people refer to fathers as “babysitters”. Honestly?

I truly think being a father is such a tough job. Many fathers are away from their children all day, some are solely supporting their families on their single income, not to mention I’m sure a lot of fathers feel like they’re missing out on the little moments that a lot of mothers get to enjoy, whether they stay home or work.


Recently, JORD Wood Watches reached out to me and gave me new watch to review.

I have been with my husband coming up 15 years (married for 3½ of those years) but I have seen him grow the most, in the past 3 years, since the birth of our daughter. It seems like fathers are kind of thrown into fatherhood. Sure, they have up to 10 months to prepare but I don’t think it’s really REAL for them until the baby is born. So the last 3 years watching my husband grow in his new role as a daddy has been incredible.

Our daughter looks up to my husband so much.  She talks about him almost nonstop while he is at work throughout the day. She’ll make up songs about how much she loves him and is always asking me “When is my Prince Daddy coming home?” The moment he comes home her face lights up with genuine excitement because Princess Emma’s Prince Daddy is home and she immediately wants to dance and play with him.

I can see how tired he is from a stressful day at work. I can see the mental and physical strain that he goes through. He could easily say “Not now” and wave her off. Instead he dances with her, rolls around playing and chases her as Daddy Monster. The screams and giggles from both are infectious. 

It made me realize that the bond between a father and child is so different than the bond between a mother and child. Neither is better or worse than the other, they truly are just different. I love that they will always have a different relationship than I will have with Emma. I love that she will need her daddy in ways she won’t need me.

Watching my husband grow more and more in love with Emma over the last 3 years has been the most wonderful experience. Watching him show Emma his world by reading to her, giving her extra snuggles when she needs them, even when he tries to explain things that are obviously over her realm of comprehension has been so heartwarming to watch.

My husband has always been a watch guy. Loves them, he has gotten a few throughout the years together.  He has taken his search for the perfect watch on pause so that he could focus on providing for his family.  I was recently looking at different wood watches to surprise him for his birthday later this month.  So naturally when JORD reached out to me,  I was super pumped to be able to give this one to him!

He’s worn it so much already, from a casual day out with the family to work. He is a huge fan of the JORD because they can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion, making them the perfect balance of casual and sophistication.  They are also light weight compared to steel watches which helps with the uniqueness of these watches. 



He said there were some drawbacks of watch.  Which are more personal preferences than anything else.  He said that being wood he worries more about the upkeep and durability of the watches.  Coming from a person that only previously owned steel watches.  He said however, the watch hasn’t shown any notion of breaking, just he notice he was more conscience of this idea.  The other thing was he prefers (I think it’s more he is more familiar with) round faces over square face because (I may be bias) he is rocking this watch!  Which I can happily say if you feel the same as him JORD watches carries many style options with round faces as well as square faces.

With his apprehensions about the watch I did some researching to find out more about JORD to share with him as well as you, I found out they are a resourceful and eco-conscience company, which is refreshing and makes it easy to stand behind a company like that. The wood they use in their watches is often from trees that are damaged or scraps of wood that would otherwise end up in a waste pile. They also will add an inscription (extra charges will apply) to your watch to give it a special touch. If you would like to browse through their collections of watches click here.


Here is your opportunity to potentially win a $100 gift card towards a hand-crafted all-natural wooden watch. My blog, The Good, The Bad and The Poopy, has partnered with JORD Wood Watches to giveaway $100 credit towards a unique watch of your choosing for the special father in your life, or for yourself.  Free shipping worldwide and a million materials to make their wood watches from Bamboo to Rosewood to Maple! I absolutely love the variety, check them out here for yourself. The watch featured on this post is the Reece in Walnut & Navy.


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DisclosureS: JORD Wood Watches gave me a complimentary watch valued at $169 in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.