AmaZing Grass

***I would like to start off with a full disclosure that I was given this product for free to review it***

Amazing Grass greens are USDA organic, Non GMO, kosher pareve, vegan and gluten free. Containing a plethora of vitamins, minerals, plant based protein and phyto-chemicals, leafy greens assist the body in maintaining healthy organ function, detoxification and immunity.

You can mix their greens into juices, smoothies, or anything you’re in the mood for. They’ve also created a host of grab-and-go products for the days when the world just can’t wait.


With all my reviews I like to give the GOOD the BAD and the POOPY (Emma's opinion) versions of the product.  I would then give you the opinions of other moms that I had try this product, I do this because when I'm hunting around looking for a great product for my little girl I want to have as many opinions as I possibly can. So here we go

The Good

I love that this product is very healthy for my family.  It is vegan, organic, has no GMOs and is gluten free so you don't have to really worry about any negative health concerns.  I love that this company uses products from a farm verses a factory.  I love the different flavors that you can pick from as well as the convenience of the to go packets.  It's nice to know that I can just toss a few in my diaper bag and then if I need a nutritious snack I can just add it my daughters drink and viola.

The Bad

The taste is my biggest con for this product.  I have to remember that I am reviewing a product called amazing GRASS.  So it is to be expected that their powder is going to taste "earthy" if you will.  It's not really the taste but the gritty texture that really brings out the "earthy" taste.  Since you have this gritty texture and an "earthy" taste your mind connects it to well dirt.  I just don't want to think I'm drinking dirt frankly.  I was able to find a way that the texture wasn't apparent which I will explain more below in the recipes area.

The Poopy

I had my daughter (19 months old) try this product in different liquids to see if she would just spit it out or really enjoy it and want more.  I found out the only way she would actually drink something that had the powder in it was if it was in a smoothie.  She actually said it was "mmm".  Below I have included the recipes.

Different ways you can drink your Amazing Grass Protein Powder

1. Just add to water

This going to be the most "earthy" tasting and the gritty texture.  I recommend only to those of you that enjoy that kind of thing ie wheat grass shots.

2. Just add to Juice

This one will minimize the gritty texture however it will elimate that "earthy" taste.

I added the Goji & Acai Powder to Cranberry Juice and I was pleasantly surprise how much I enjoyed it.

3. Just add to Milk

I didn't actually do this one so I'm not sure how it would taste or what the texture would be like.

4. Add in your Smoothie

This way is by far the best if you do not like that "earthy" taste and/or the gritty texture. 

Choco-raspberry Smoothie:

1 scoop of the Kidz Chocolate Powder, 1 ripen banana, 1/2 C Organic Vanilla Yogurt, 1/4 C Almond Milk and 3 oz Raspberry             Mix and Serve.

5. Just add to your protein shake

This was my favorite, since I have been also trying to lose weight to become a healthier me, this was a very convenient way to add more nutrients to my meal replacement shakes.  This actually helped me stay full longer and give me more energy and drive then just my protein shake alone.

I used one vanilla protein shake and the creamsicle to go powder mixed them together and then drank it.  It was so creamy and it really tasted that a creamsicle I loved it. 

What other mom's are saying

I gave two other mom's a samples of Amazing Grass and this is what they had to say:

Teresa Johnson - Mother of 2 adults and Grandmother of l2 little girls under the age of 3 and a Preschool Teacher in Queen Creek, AZ

"I tired the Lemon-Lime powder with water and it tasted pretty bland, it only had a hint of lemon lime to it.  There was a destinct chalky texture to the drink.  It also seems to have dirt taste to it as well.  I then tried the Goji & Acai Powder with Cranberry juice and it was way more pleasing to my taste buds"

"I can see if someone was really into the healthy powders that this would be a great one to use"

Robin Krause - Mother of a teenage boy.  She is a Holistic Wellness Coach and a Partner of The Filling Station (an awesome coffee joint in Kansas City)

"I liked them.  Low sugar, GF, vegan and not to much on the vitamin amounts.  Honest company. Drank alone they were a bit harsh. Added to a smoothie they were much more palatable.  The green [lemon-lime] oddly was my favorite.  This one I could drink alone almost."

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