#TastyTreatTuesday Bananas Foster

½ C packed dark brown sugar

4 Tbsp. unsalted butter

1 cinnamon stick*

Lemon zest

¼ C dark rum

2 large firm, ripe bananas

Vanilla ice cream

*When I came home from the grocery store I realized that I forgot to get cinnamon sticks, I choice to just add about ½ Tbsp. of ground cinnamon.  It still turned out delicious however; I would recommend using the cinnamon stick.





1.        Combine the brown sugar, butter (I cut mine into 4 pieces), cinnamon stick, lemon zest (I did a rough grate around a small lemon over the pan), and 1 Tbsp. of the rum into a heavy bottomed 12 in skillet.






2.        Heat the mixture over a medium-high heat, stir constantly until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is thick (no longer than 2 minutes).






3.       Reduce the heat to medium and add the bananas, spooning some sauce over each piece.

4.       Cook until the bananas are flossy and golden on both sides (no longer than 3 minutes)



5.       Off the heat, add the remaining 3 Tbsp. of rum (I found that it’s easiest to make a “wreath” with your bananas and then place the rum in the middle) and wait about 5 seconds for your rum to heat up.


              ***Fire Safety***

Before flambéing make sure to roll up long sleeves, tie back hair, turn off the exhaust fan, and turn off any lit burners.  Do not serve until the flame has COMPLETELY died down.


6.       Wave a lit match over the pan until the rum ignites. ***

7.       Return to heat and start gently rocking your pan over the heat until the flame subdues.  (This shouldn’t be longer than 1 minute).

8.       Divide the bananas and sauce over 4 bowls of ice cream equally.  (Discard cinnamon stick)



***Baker’s Note***

I actually made this batch twice; if you look closely at my photos you will notice that the pans are different.  I just want you to know that it’s okay if things do not come out right the first time.  This is what happened to me.  I was fine all the way until it came to the flambé, I noticed that I didn’t have a match but I did have a lighter torch.  So I decided to use that, I figured fire is fire right?  Well, I was wrong, VERY wrong.  My bananas foster would not ignite and I was growing more frustrated.   You might think does it really matter if the bananas are flambéed? The answer is YES.  I have compared a flambéed batch with an un-flambéed batch and was surprised at how different they tasted.  The un-flambéed batch tasted unpleasant and bitter in comparison.  The flames served to burn off the raw alcohol flavor of the rum, resulting in a much rounder flavor and better tasting Bananas Foster.  So as you can see, with my bananas not taking the ignition from my lighter torch, my dessert was becoming a disaster.  I stepped aside, cried a little out of frustration, took a deep breath and told myself that I will figure this out.  I then remembered that I still had some butane in my pastry torch from the Crème Brûlée that I baked earlier.  So I got it out and torched it up and voila I was able to flambé my bananas. 

I hope you enjoy this Bananas Foster!  Please leave a comment on how yours turn out and any tweaks that you made to make it your own.


***Mommy Note***

My daughter absolutely LOVED this recipe.  You may think that it’s not appropriate to serve to children since you are using rum.  However, you are burning off the alcoholic part of the rum and just keeping the sugary sweet part.  I made sure I tasted it first to see if I tasted any alcohol.  She took her first bite and said “oooooh WOOOOWWWW” then smiled and danced exclaiming “nummy nummies yay” ran up to be and literally kissed the cook.  Then she opened her mouth and asked for “more peas!”  So I can say that this recipe has been kid tested and kid approved!

I had extra bananas and sauce left over since the recipe is for four serving and I only did three so I saved the extra and I will be using it as a waffle topping in the morning.  I have some whipped cream in my refrigerator as well so I think it will be a nice Tasty Treat for this Tuesday morning!!

If you should have any questions please leave a comment below or e-mail me at thegoodthebadandthepoopy@outlook.com

Happy #TastyTreatTuesday I hope see you back next week!

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