Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Have you been so busy that you forgot that next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day?  Have you been looking for a fun Valentine‘s Day activity to do with you kids or for a Valentine Date? 

Well I have a great activity that you make help you out, and bonus it’s not too expensive.  How about baking brownie surprise cupcakes?

Sometimes I will add a brownie bite into my cupcakes.  So the other day I was thinking what can I do with my daughter for a cute gift for her daddy plus I will have a fun time with her.  Then my brownie surprise cupcakes came into my head.  I thought ok, how can I make these Valentine’s Day themed?  Make the Brownie bite in the shape of a heart! Use Strawberry cupcake for the pink and pink icing. BAM idea in place now fingers crossed that it goes well lol.

So typically I make everything from scratch but, since I’m experimenting I went to my local Walmart and picked up some Pillsbury baking mixes and icing.  I also wanted to use my Ibotta app because I receive $.75 if I purchased 3 products and I needed 3;  If you don’t already have an Ibotta account click here.  I have gotten over $100 back from using this app since 2014. 

Reason behind my choices:

I chose a dark chocolate because I think that it will be richer then the milk and the fudge brownie seemed like it would be too sticky to work with.

Mommy's little sous chef at her finest! LOVE HER!!

Mommy's little sous chef at her finest! LOVE HER!!

I chose the strawberry cake mix because I wanted pink and strawberry goes with dark chocolate like peanut butter goes with chocolate…. Err jelly.

I chose the Marshmallow icing because I like how fluffy it is, I wanted the strawberry flavor because I have some pink vanilla icing at home that I will mix later to make a strawberry crème type flavor.  I think would pair well with the cupcake and brownie.

This is an example of how we added the eggs into the batter.  

This is an example of how we added the eggs into the batter.  

I also chose olive oil as my oil of choice because I feel that it makes my baked goods more airy and moist. 

If you are doing this with your toddler as I am please be aware that there will be messes.  I tried to minimize it as much as possible by having things in bowls for her to add into other bowls.  I realize now that the smaller the bowl for them to pour the better.  Also try using plastic not glass (you would think this would be a no brainer for me).  Even though it is VERY messy it is also VERY fun and the smiles and giggles your toddler creates with you makes it VERY worth it.

First make your brownies

While your brownies are baking start preparing your cake mix. 

Once your brownies are done and cooled take your heart shaped cookie cutter and make small hearts.  Transfer them to another area.  I just laid a piece of foil out. 

Take your cake mix and fill your cupcake holders about ½ the way.  Grab one of your heart shaped brownies and hold it standing up with your finger.  Then fill around the brownie cake mix until the brownie can stand on its own.

Bake your cupcakes as directed on the box.

While your brownie surprise cupcakes are baking prep your icing.

This is where I took two different icings and mixed them to become one. If you are just using one then you just need to take off the foil lining and done.  Easy Peasy.

Once your cupcakes are done baking and have cooled.  Ice them how you like. Add candies or sprinkles for an extra presentation.  If you are doing this with your children sprinkles are always fun to decorate with.


My husband loved them, he loved that our little Emma helped make these just for him.  He loved the combo of the flavors.  However when he bit into it he couldn’t tell it was a heart inside. Oh well, I’ll have to perfect before next year. 




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