#RockingMotherhood: 10 Reason Why I Am Rocking Motherhood

10 reasons I’m #RockingMotherhood

I was nominated for the #RockingMotherhood challenge by two wonderful bloggers Betty from The Terrific Five as well as Inez from For The Love of Mom.  Which a have graciously accepted, thank you both so much for the nomination.  If you have not already, check out there blogs they are amazing!

The #RockingMotherhood challenge was started by blogger Patricia from White Camellias, she wrote a post about the ways she was rocking at motherhood and then soon after she decided to turn this into a challenge as a way for other moms to see and boast about how they rock as moms too.


The Rules of the Challenge are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger(s) that nominate you

2. List the 10 reasons/things that you believe make you a good mother

3. Tag 3-5 other bloggers to join in with the #RockingMotherhood Challenge


Let’s be honest, this has been the hardest yet most rewarding post I have done. I thought I wouldn’t be able to find 10 reasons why I am #RockingMotherhood however, after finishing I feel like a Bad Ass Mama (excuse my language).  Why is it that as mothers we tend to be so humble and uncomfortable about talking about doing a great job.  I love being a mom it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and I would not change any of it (The Good, The Bad and The Poopy – see what I did there???) for a second.

1.     Research and Determination

I am constantly on my computer googling the best way to overcome whatever is in front of us.  I don’t give up until I find a way to help become successful.  There have been many nights that I sneak out of our bed to keep searching on different options on how to help her.  I research the different types of education method, holistic vs non-holistic remedies for illness that she accrues, local actives for her to get involved with the list is endless.  I will also be searching for the best solution to make sure she is healthy and happy.

2.     Priority

It’s hard especially nowadays when technology is at our finger tips.  I catch myself too many times focusing on my phone or computer.  Browsing social media and website.  However, I have made it a point that during family times that I put away technology.  I will also put it away if my daughter tells me she needs me.  I want her to know that family is more important than material things.

3.     Unlimited Affections

I do not believe there is ever too much affection that I can receive or give to my daughter.  She knows that I am always here if she needs a snuggle, hug or kiss.  I love just being with my daughter, I want her to know and feel nothing but love from her parents.  So whether it is simply snuggling while watching TV/movie or tickle fights on the floor.  I made it a point to always show affection to her.  I also make it a point to say “I love you” to her as much as I can remember. 

4.     Strength

I have recently found a strength in me that wasn’t there before.  I truly think that mothers are one the of strongest human beings out there.  I have catch myself balling my eyes out in my closet because of the unknown, pressure, and worry that are placed on the shoulders of being a mom.  I have broke down so many times feeling helpless and like a failing mother.  After, a few minutes you dry your eyes put on a smile for your little one and move on.  My daughter’s recent medical scares have definitely helped me see myself in a whole new way.  I am strong for the both of us, I make sure she is not scared of doing procedures and test even though I am a wreck inside.  I have found so much strength within myself because of her.

5.     Organized

With the new diagnoses that my daughter receives comes new medications.  I know this sounds trivial but, I have the WORST memory.  So that fact that I am on my A game when it comes to giving my daughter her medicines or making sure all her doctor appointments are taken care of and everything is running smoothly is a big WIN for me.  

6.     Semi Helicopter

I pride myself to letting my daughter “find her independence” but I do not let her just wander.  I want her to be able to feel like she has her own identity (even at 3 years old) but I also know that horrors that are in this world so I do want to protect her.  When she asked me if she could cut her hair short (it was her baby hair and Mama was not ready for this) I let her.  She told me the other day when we went to her Physical Therapist appointment “No no Mommy you stay here [in the waiting room] I go myself.”  This of course broke my heart and yet filled it with pride.  I know that she will be okay so I let her.  She then again tried this to go to the park and I replied “No no either Mommy comes to the park with you are we both stay home.” So she knows there are limits to her independence.

7.     Boundaries

As much as I wish to have that perfect mother daughter Lorelei and Rory relationship with my daughter, I need to be realistic. I am first and foremost here to be her mother not best friend. I need to set boundaries for her, she is in that stage where she is tested her limits with me.  I have come to the realization that I am the disciplinarian in the family.  I want to her be respectful, hard working, nice and happy.  So it is my job as a mother to shape her so that she can be a functional human being in society.  I want to know that I am here and will not judge her and will respect her more that she comes to me if she has a problem but I will not react as a friend I will react as a mom.

8.     Support System

I have made it a point to make sure she is able to explore her interest. Right now it is dance and singing. So I found a dance company that took 2 year olds so she has been in dance for over a year and will have her first recital this May.  As for singing she needs to be 5 years old, so until then we will just have our own impromptu concerts at home.  I will always be there cheering her on no matter what she is interested in.

9.     Depression

I have clinical depression, I had terrible postpartum depression as well.  Just making it through the day is exhausting.  However, I have made it a top priority to hold it in, in front of my daughter. I never want her to feel like she is the reason why mommy is sad. I have lived with this disease for many years and just “dealt” with it. However, since becoming a mom I have been more motivated to help professional help.  I want to be the best mom I can possibly be for her.

10.  Teacher

I love teaching my daughter. When you are a SAHM you don’t really see the progress you have made with your child. However, when we go out and she starts talking to other people you realize how much she knows. I can’t tell you how many times doctors, family members, and strangers have told me how they can’t believe she is 3 she is really advance her age academically.  She doesn’t go to preschool, she’s home with me and we do our homeschooling and playing, it’s mostly me. I feel like a supermom when I get compliments like that.

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So those are my 10 reasons, I hope you enjoyed them.  We all do our Mom Hustle different but we all know that Mom Life is the Best Life!

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