International Babywearing Week 2015

This is my most recent carrier my ErgoBaby Performance.  It's great for a toddler and for the outdoorsy family.

This is my most recent carrier my ErgoBaby Performance.  It's great for a toddler and for the outdoorsy family.

Babywearing hold a special place in my heart.  I thought that since it is International Babywearing Week I would blog about my experiences with babywearing.

From the moment Emma was born I have held her next to my heart.  We could even take it make further and say since the moment my husband and I conceived Emma I have been carrying her close to me keeping her safe.

Emma was born prematurely, and one of the first things that we were taught was the practice of Kangaroo Care.  This is a practice that was shown to greatly increase the survival rate in premature babies.  It's basically skin to skin time with parent and child.  I was all on board with this.  The first time I did this will be a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.  This tiny (she was born 4lb 5oz) perfect little girl with the soft pink skin just laid on my chest.  Then she just nuzzled her little head into my chest and fell asleep.  There I am tearing up from so many happy emotions I was worried I was going to end up waking her up.  From that moment on I knew that babywearing would be essential part of my parenting journey.

Bringing home a baby is one of the scariest moments in a new parent’s life.  For my husband and me we have been living in a hospital for more than two weeks watching and listening to monitors.  We would cheer on her daughter when she got a brady knowing she was going to remember to breathe and conquer that milestone.  We had nurses to back us up 24/7 so if for chance we slept through (didn't really happen) or if we were in the family room eating we had someone to take care of her.  Now we were ALONE.  

My first wrap came in handy for us; I would use my Moby wrap and wear her all through the night because she would not sleep any other way.  I would walk back and forth in our small apartment like a mindless sleep deprived zombie while my little girl would sleep soundly in the comfort "pouch".  This was also easy to wear for easy access to nursing so she could sleep through the night.  Finally when we got our schedule on track and we introduced co-sleeping, everyone was able to get sleep.  Do you remember that morning after you got a good night's rest for the first time after bringing home your baby?

As my daughter grew, we graduated to a new type of wrap.  When my daughter turned about 6 months or so she decided that she was over the Moby wrap and loved being worn by my Mei Tei.  I worn her all day it seemed.  I wore her while cleaning, cooking, and shopping.  She loved it she just snuggled with me the whole time.  I course I didn't wear her all the time. We did the tummy time and playtime but she really preferred to be wrapped.  I was then informed by my pediatrician, at the time, during her 3 month checkup that she had developed Flat Head Syndrome on just one side of her head due to being in the NICU and lying on that side of her head all the time.  By her 9 month checkup the doctor said it had rounded itself out and that she would not need to be sized for a helmet.  I thank babywearing for that, because I wore her she wasn't on her head and she was able to fix the situation.

When she was 9 months she started liking me using my ErgoBaby.  This is the same carrier I still use today.  We mastered the back carry and everything changed!  She loves just hitching a ride on mommy.  She is able to look around and explore the world around her and yet still feel that closeness to mommy.  We moved to Arizona and we started doing more outdoorsy activities and having the ErgoBaby is so nice.  I don't have to worry about packing a stroller or if the stroller will be able to handle the terrain.  

I also have a woven wrap by which worked well when I would go to babywearing yoga.  However, there isn't any place out where I live now that I have found that provides this.  If you know of a place please feel free to let me know.  Woven wraps are amazing! I love the how they feel for mommy.  They have so many gorgeous prints and they are durable.  

I would recommend babywearing to anyone!  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting further information or if you should have a question at



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