A New Year, A New Hairstyle

I’ve noticed that while being a stay at home mommy I have had more of an urge to do something (what I feel is crazy) crazy and daring with my hair.  I don’t know if it’s just wanted something new from the norm where my days blend together.  I mean the other day my husband asked me if I was going to sign up to renew our home warranty, and I replied “Well, no not yet I wanted to wait until Thursday so I’ll do it tomorrow.” He looked at me and replied “Angel, it IS Thursday” insert my stubbornness where I preceded to try to convince him that it was indeed Wednesday but, ultimately I think everyone knows how it ended.  The next day was in fact Friday. 

Since I was about 13 years old I’ve always wanted to dye my hair black with red tips.  I didn’t as a teenage because I was worried what the other kids would think and of course school dress code in my high school I went to didn’t permit it.  So adulthood came around and I had the “I can do anything I’m 18 aka an adult” attitude.  I was going to dye my hair but then realize I work for a fortune 500 company that has a pretty strict dress code (this was not happening).  Now, that I am a stay at home mommy and my boss LOVES the color red; even though she doesn’t know how to verbally express it to me yet.  This was my chance!  The only thing that could possibly hold me back is the cost factor; to get my hair done professionally it would cost me over $100.  Then I added it up and it would only cost me no more than $20 dollars if I did it myself.  It was a no brainer and the fact that I have never done this in my life and I have no idea what I was doing was just trivial information.

This is my journey: 

My  BEFORE  Picture

My BEFORE Picture

First I needed to get me a fresh new do! 


I went to my local Supercuts (for my readers in Phoenix area it was in Queen Creek, AZ off Queen Creek Rd).  I absolutely fell in love with the hairstyles, Josephine, she was not afraid to tell me that what I was asking for would not flatter me. I came in wanting to get sideswiped bangs and new layers.  She ended up giving just the layers and really long sideswiped bangs.  Then she gave me her card and said come back on my next day I’m working if you still want shorter bangs and I’ll do it for free.  Needless to say I didn’t need to go back, but will go back to her when I’m ready for my next cut.



Second step, dye the whole thing Black! 


I used Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color 10 Black because it’s only $2.97 at Walmart and it a solid performer.  When I was younger it was my go to hair dye, I use to dye my hair the bluish black.

I decided since I just dyed my hair black that I would wait a couple of weeks before I strip all the black out and bleach my tips and then I would wait a couple of days to finish up with the red.  I was afraid that if I did everything at once I would really damage my hair.




So I went to my local Sally’s and bought the stuff that I needed to get my red tips:

Red dye

Powdered Bleach Packet


I chose a Semi-Permanent red dye, in case I didn’t like the result.  I also opted for the 20 strength developer instead of the standard 30 because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make my hair blonde.  I wanted to make it more of a light caramel. 

Step three, attempt an ombre


I researched a lot on this on the web.  Watch countless YouTubers try to explain how to's.  But the one that I went with was this one it made the most sense to me.  I enlisted the help of my mother-in-law to bleach my hair; I used my daughter’s rubber bands since they are so little, if you’re a mom of a girl these rubber bands seem to duplicate on their own.  I find them everywhere. 

I really like the outcome of my hair, I lot of people  told me that they prefer my hair like this over the end result.  (Nice confidence booster, but like Tay-Tay has taught I just need to “shake it off, shake it off” cause “the haters gonna hate hate hate”)



Finally I just went over the bleached portion of my hair with the red dye!!! 

My  AFTER  Picture

My AFTER Picture


All in all I’m glad I finally did this for me. Let me know what you think below.  I would also love to see your pictures. If you have any questions for me please feel free to email at thegoodthebadandthepoopy@outlook.com or contact me and follow me on Facebook and Twitter.