About Me


Parenthood can be the scariest, silliest, heart-wrenching, rewarding, joyous, frustrating wonderful experience.  I'm so glad I am able to experience it.  I love my little family and will post some of those crazy moments in parenting that will warm your heart or even give you encouragement that your not alone.  Yes, WE ALL went through that at least once.  

I'm also a novice baker, my aspirations is to someday open my own bakery.  My family and friends tell me all the time that I would be a big success, well I sure hope so haha.  However, as of right now it's not the best time to put my family through such a HUGE leap of faith.  So what does that mean for you?  I have the itch to bake and want to make a name for myself, so I will be virtually baking for you!! I wish I could mail all of you my finish product.  I will be posting my #TastyTreatTuesday recipes of my baked goods.  I will also post side recipes for everyday or special events.  I love challenges so if you want to send me or request for a recipe I will do it for you.

I have also category for Reviews. if you like me to review your product I will be more than happy to do so.  I do get free samples from different organizations already and will be posting my opinions on here when I receive them.

Thank you for stopping by to visit my website.  



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